Offering Weekly Garbage Pick-up in the Areas of:

Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Know Your Name.

Weekly Residential Curbside Pick-Up
We have multiple rate plans to accommodate your rubbish removal needs.  Our monthly rates are based on weekly bag maximums allowing you to choose the plan that works best for you, without paying more than you need.  We do not use a "one size fits most" rate plan. We have no hidden fees, no contracts, and no termination fees. Barrington and Raymond residents do NOT need to buy the Town's Pay-as-You-Throw bags to use our service.  Use your own bags and save money with our service.

One Time Pick-Up
One time pick-ups are available to anyone in the towns listed above, as well as the surrounding areas.  Whether you've recently cleaned your basement or garage, need to get rid of that old sofa, or just had a family party, we can take care of it for you. Pricing is based on what, and how much, you have. Before you consider the high cost of a temporary dumpster, Bagster™,  or roll-off, give us a call to discuss what you have and set up a free estimate.

Weekly Pick-Up for Communities
Mobile Home Parks, Condo Communities, Homeowners Associations, 55-plus Communities, Property Management Companies, Etc.  Many communities are turning away from dumpsters due to the unsightliness and odors.  We will work with you to come up with a discounted rate that allows you to have trash picked up weekly at your residents curbside.  Not only is this cleaner and easier for the residents, it is usually cheaper than having dumpsters placed on the property. 

Weekly Commercial Curbside Pick-Up
If your small business does not generate enough trash to take full advantage of a dumpster, we may be able to help.  Many companies pay a hefty fee for a dumpster that they do not fill, or have picked up once or twice a month to cut the cost.  We can provide a weekly service with no contract that may save you quite a bit of money.

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